Wednesday’s Writer ~ Stephen J. Cannell

Wednesday Writer picmonkeyStephen J. Cannell was an American  television producer, writer, novelist and occasional actor.  He was the founder of his own entertainment company as well as a production studio both under the Cannell name.

Stephen was born in February 1941, but sadly, he passed away in 2010 from complications with melanoma.

I was not familiar with Mr. Cannell, and you probably aren’t either; however, if you grew up in the 70’s you will recognize these TV shows where he was the writer and/or creator ~  Ironside, Adam-12, Columbo, The Rockford Files and The A-Team, to just name a few!!

You may remember his closing logo of his production company.  If not, here is a reminder…  Stephen J. CannellCannell threw a piece of paper up after typing, and the paper floated around and around….who remembers??

Anyway, that was fun going down memory lane…but, now back to the reason Stephen J. Cannell is Wednesday’s Writer…

Stephen struggled with Dyslexia as a child. Thankfully, he had a mentor, teacher and friend, Ralph, that made a difference in his life.  Listen to Mr. Cannell’s inspiring story…

You can find more video interview of Stephen discussing his Dyslexia on YouTube.

Well, I enjoyed looking back over the life of Mr. Cannell. I hope you did, too. Now we all know a little more about his legacy and the struggles he obviously overcame the best way he knew how.

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  1. Sharing this with my homeschooler tomorrow. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Thank you. PS – Loved the A-Team.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I had know idea that Cannell struggled with Dyslexia.

  3. Love this! And the youtube video is great. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love stories of people who overcome challenges! I used to watch some of those shows growing up, and I will never think of them the same. Thank you for sharing!

    1. You are welcome, Lynnae! I feel the same way – I will never think the same way now about his shows and the iconic typewriter and throwing paper scene 🙂 Thank you so much for stopping by today!! ~sherri

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