Understanding the importance of Executive Function for the Dyslexic & LD Child

One of the websites that I frequent for the most up-to-date and valid research information on Dyslexia and other Learning Differences is the National Center for Learning Disabilities website.  Be sure to check out their website today to see all the valuable resources they provide.
In last week’s post, “What’s Behind Your Dyslexic or LD Child Functioning Successfully in School?” we took a look at one process of Executive Function, working memory.  There are several processes that are collectively termed ‘executive function’ processes.  In the next several weeks, we will take look at these processes and I will share some helpful strategies for each.

In order to provide the opportunity for understanding of the foundation of what we will be exploring in more depth in the weeks to come, today I’m sharing with you another very informative video by  Dr. Sheldon H. Horowitz, a leading expert on learning differences.  In this 5 minute video, Dr. Horowitz explains about Executive Function in a clear and precise manner.

You can follow Dr. Horowitz  @LD_Expert on Twitter & find more of his videos on the NCLD’s website.

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