The Benefits of Cursive Writing

Derek Rhondenizer is the Vice Principal at Heritage Academy in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Last week he shared an informative article on The School of Dyslexia’s blog about the benefits of cursive.  You can read it here.

A few things I took away from the article were:

  • cursive writing improves dynamic interplay in the brain.
  • it improves fine motor skills.
  • cursive writing can help improve the memory of the written concept.
  • it engages a large part of the brain involving thinking.
  • typing or block print keep the repetitions of letters separate and less connected thought is involved.
  • cursive writing makes connections from the right side of the brain to the left and is helpful in building neural pathways.
  • it naturally develops sensory skills.
  • it can greatly affect memory – attention is given to the whole word because of how the connected letters form words.

Below hear Derek talk about why cursive writing is an important part of the curriculum at Heritage Academy:

Over the next several hours a spirited discussion about this topic developed in the comment section of Derek’s article. There were a lot of concerns, so, he crafted an excellent response a few days later.

If I could  have written my philosophy of teaching dyslexic children, best practices in simply putting the child first, the value of dyslexia therapy for the dyslexic child, & the importance of providing the right accommodations for a dyslexic child, my article would have aligned very closely with Derek’s. Read his response article here.

Thank you Derek for writing about this topic that so many people have concerns about.  Finding the best teaching method for each child is where the focus should be and what the best accommodation(s) is for them to be successful.



  1. Thank you, Susie! Glad it was helpful.

  2. Sherri- This is so helpful. I have always believed cursive writing helps but this gives me some concrete reasons to explain to my students, parents and teachers. Thanks!

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