Teaching strategies to avoid Boredom

“I’m BORED!” Have you heard that statement before?! Judy Willis, a neurologist, turned teacher, shares strategies she used in the classroom to create “Thinkers” instead of bored students.

I will be approaching my teaching strategies differently starting today! Creating ‘Thinkers’ is a lost art in today’s classrooms. Curriculum, sadly, is state-assessment-based, where teachers are reduced¬†to teaching students the components of test taking strategies. Capturing student’s curiosity is vital for student success. Multi-sensory approaches will grab student’s attention – grabbing a hat, using different color pens, walking backwards before counting backwards, etc. Wow, so simple, but powerful in creating a successful classroom learning environment. Want to be ready for the 21st Century education world? Oy! I am going to listen to this video again…