Practical Progress


Happy November everybody!!

The weather is cooler, leaves are falling off the trees,

and the Holidays are just around the corner!!

Sole Hope Party

I’m so excited to check back in with everybody to let you know I was able to donate $30 to Sole Hope!!  Thank you to all who where able to give this past week!!

A great, inexpensive way to help Sole Hope is hosting a “Shoe-Cutting Party”.  It is easy and doesn’t have to take very much time.  You just need scissors, sharpie markers and material.  Sole Hope sends you everything else you will need.  I’m hosting a “Shoe-Cutting Party” with my daughter & her friend next weekend.  Click the pic below for all the details for hosting a party and how to purchase the materials.



October was a month of growth for me as a writer/blogger…

~ re-discovering the joy of giving in several different ways

~ realizing I DO love to write and I have something to share

~ I didn’t write everyday this month for the #31Day writing challenge,

…and that is OK.

Practice is Progress, I always say…