Mouth Picture strategies

Working with Dyslexics everyday, I’m learning from them just as much as they are learning from the strategies I teach.

Using mouth pictures, designed by The Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Texas, is a part of the 2 1/2 year therapy designed to enhance the auditory & kinesthetic awareness of sounds.

Every letter has:

A Name.   A Shape.   A Sound.   A Feel.

The “feel” of a letter refers to how the sound feels as you make it with your mouth.  You will use your tongue, teeth or lips to make consonant sounds. Vowel sounds are made with the open mouth.

Most of the time, the dyslexic child struggles with identifying the sounds correctly.  Part of this therapy is to give the students another avenue to discover the proper sound by tuning in, so to speak, with how the sound ‘feels’ using their mouth.  Strategies are taught to them so they know when they are making a vowel or consonant sound.  ‘Tuning in’ to the feel of the sound along with learning the spelling rules of the English language ensures great success in the areas of spelling and reading for the dyslexic student.

This video is an example to a spelling strategy lesson using mouth pictures:



    1. Love this strategy and how my students grow as they make connections to other areas in their lives where they can apply this to help them in spelling and reading! Thanks for reading and commenting, April!

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