How hard do dyslexic students have to work to read

I thought today, I would post this well-known video, FAT CITY, showing just how hard it is to decode words when reading with a Dyslexia or a Language-based difference.  I watched it this week, again.  It was a great reminder to  me how I should respond and the encouragement I need to give to my students on a daily basis.

Gaining appreciation for how hard our LD students do actually work to read & write is one of the purposes of videos like this. Understanding these students, creates compassion, better teaching practices & responses to dyslexic/LD students in the classroom. Our dyslexic and LD students need encouragement for the effort they put forth, even if it doesn’t “look” like a great effort to us.

Now you have an idea of the effort it takes. What can you do in your schools and community to spread awareness, compassion and encouragement to Dyslexic/LD students?