Fluency Building Activities

Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN) is an approach used in most Dyslexia Therapy programs to build fluency & processing speed. This approach isolates specific areas where students struggle, such as letter/sound connections, easily reversible letters & numbers, and sight word recognition. My friend and Certified Academic Language Therapist colleague, Allyson, and I collaborated to design Fluency Building Activities to address these common struggles. In the videos below, you will see the RAN approach used with the Fluency Building pages.

Setting goals with your students is an important part of these activities.   There is a Goal Chart for keeping track of student’s goal and a Certificate to use to celebrate when a goal is met.  Student should also color in the conversation bubble where they have to stop with each attempt, then fill in their progress on the Goal Chart.  This will help keep them motivated and focused.

Student can color stopping point of each fluency attempt.

Student can color stopping point of each fluency attempt.



Goal Chart will help student see progress & increase motivation.

Goal Chart will help student see progress & increase motivation.

Celebrate student's fluency goal successes with this cute certificate!

Celebrate student’s fluency goal successes with this cute certificate!









Be sure to grab the FREEBIE at the end of this post giving you a sample to try out with your students & discover the effectiveness of this approach!!


Naming Sounds

Isolated letter/sound practice as you can see in this video, helps students make important connections with letters and its sounds. The student in the video above is naming the sounds & in the video below the student is saying the letter names.

Letter Names

The pages can be displayed on a Smart-Board, as shown in the video above. The spinner used was purchased on Amazon . Letters which are easily reversed visually, are isolated on this page. As the spinner spins, the student read the letters rapidly. If they say the reversal of a letter, they must correct and move forward. As with all of the pages you have access to in this product, the spinner creates the motivation to read through the pages quickly improving processing speed and visual recognition of the proper direction of these letters. Whichever type of spinner is used, will serve the purpose of providing the motivation needed to inspire your student/child to read rapidly. I guess what I’m trying to say is, whichever spinner you use is not the main focus. We just thought we’d give you another positive option for using those annoying spinners…haha!

Building automatic Sight Word fluency. I love this fun spinner idea for building fluency!

Building number fluency is important, as well. So,we decided to included RAN pages for number fluency. The number sets included in this bundle are:
*Teen digits
*Number groups 20’s – 90’s

 As we promised at the top of this post, here is the Sight Word Freebie of the first 100 Fry List sight words Fluency Activity pages!!


Sherri & Allyson

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