Decoding Dyslexia Across Our Country


I have seen a lot of posts, tweets and articles in the past weeks debating whether a person who struggles with learning should be referred to as Learning Disabled or Learning Different.

I have a learning difference that has been a source of struggle, but in no way has it been disabling.  My fears about possibly not reaching my potential, looking foolish in front of my peers and not being good enough, were disabling. 

10-20% of the population is LD and another 10-20% is ADHD.  Whether you say ‘difference’ or ‘disability’ the importance that students are provided an engaging atmosphere where they can reach their potential.  School districts would benefit by investing in more opportunities for students to be empowered by learning to reach their potential.

How can we empower students?

Parents of LD children, no one knows better than you what your child needs.  Your voice is important.

Again, YOUR voice is important.

It is important that parents educate themselves in their state’s education laws, specifically whether there is a dyslexia law, 504, etc.).  Knowledge is empowerment and will get your voice heard over all the others.

Why is this important?

If you suspect your child is dyslexic, for example, if you are aware of the laws in this area, you can communicate with your school’s administration in a more productive way to getting the help your child needs.

As a Dyslexia Therapist, it is exciting to see the Decoding Dyslexia groups, in now, 40+ states! Here is a little more about them:

I follow many of them on Twitter.  Parents are taking the reins and are moving Dyslexia Awareness forward across our nation.  This makes my heart happy.  You can get in touch with many of these groups on Twitter.  I have attached the link to each handle below.

@DDyslexiaCT – Connecticut

@DDIA13 – Iowa

@DD_PA – Pennsylvania

@DDTX12 – Texas

@DecodingDysSC – South Carolina

@DDAZ16 – Arizona

@DDWV12 – West Virginia

@DDIN2013 – Indiana

@DDVA13 – Virginia

@DDNC13 – North Carolina

@DDNJ12 – New Jersey

@DDyslexiaIL – Illinois

@DDOR12 – Oregon

@DDKS12 – Kansas

@DDyslexiaMA – Massachusetts

@DDxOH – Ohio

@DecodingAL – Alabama

@DecodDyslexiaRI – Rhode Island

@DDAK49 – Alaska

@DcodeDyslexiaKY – Kentucky

@DyslexiaMO – Missouri

@DecodeDyslexia – Florida

if you do not see your state listed, please visit the Decoding Dyslexia website by clicking here.  You will be able to see which states are represented.  Hopefully, soon, all 50 states will have DD groups!



  1. Hi Sherri! Thank you!!! Here is the national hub for the DD movement folks can find out if their state is already started and connect! Hope to reach all 50 states soon!!

    1. Thank you! Very helpful!

  2. Thank you, Cheryl! Just received their ‘follow’ on twitter today! 🙂

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