Are you pursuing your PASSION?

Today I am featuring an inspiring video by Piper Otterbein at TEDxYouth@CEHs. If you have been following my blog you know I love to share stories by dyslexics. Their voice is powerful in allowing other dyslexics, young and old, to associate with their similar struggles and discover they are not alone.

Piper’s last statement was great, right?! Whether you struggle with dyslexia, dysgraphia or any of the many other learning differences, don’t let that stop you from finding what you are passionate about. Pursue things you never thought you would or could do.
I hated school. It was hard and I didn’t know why. I would have NEVER thought I would become a teacher and then pursue more education to become a Dyslexia Therapist! But, because of my struggles I discovered my passion to want to help those students in my first grade classes that struggled like I had. As my desire to help these students grew, I pursued more things that lead me to what I am doing today.
Start. Start thinking about this today. You may be surprised where your passions lead you!


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