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Hi, Thank you for visiting my page.  it gives me great joy when people do so and truthfully, my passion for helping people and the fact that you took the time to visit my page is the reason i am eager to do more.  I am hopeful that the information within this blog would help you develop a better understanding of Dyslexia & other Language-Based Learning Differences. So please be sure to check out some of my posts, videos, and educational resources.  But first, let me tell you about myself.

My name is Sherri Turnquist and I am a Certified Academic Language Therapist, qualified to teach not just students with Dyslexia but also anyone with reading and spelling difficulties.  I am currently working with the Allen Independent School District where I am helping students with Dyslexia learn English spelling rules & strategies to lay a foundation for becoming successful spellers and readers. I also provide private tutoring services and I am a member of the Academic Language Therapist Association, also known as ALTA.

I am a former First Grade teacher with over 14 years of classroom teaching experience.  During my years as a classroom teacher, I developed a huge compassion for my students who struggled with reading & spelling.  I sought to learn all i could about how to help my students with learning difficulties such as ADHD, Dyslexia, & Auditory Processing Language Disorder.

Every post written in this blog is laden with compassion and hope that readers would benefit from it and by extension, help others benefit from it, too.

My blog is focused on providing strategies and ideas to help people struggling with language-based learning differences, whether children or adults.  My goal is that the strategies & ideas found on this blog would even the playing field, so to speak, both academically and professionally.

The articles contained in this blog include (but are not limited to)

  • The purpose and function of the strategies I use with my students.
  • Research Strategies I acquired over the years – These have help reshape the academic success of my student for the better.
  • Methods that yield positive results
  • Popular misconceptions and methods that yield little or not results
  • And more helpful tips

My mission is to, via this blog, dissipate insightful and relevant knowledge that readers can implement to become more successful in their academic and professional lives.  if you struggle, have struggled–or know someone who is struggling in the areas of reading, spelling and writing–this blog is for YOU.

I post here on TAD once a week so that readers can have a chance to catch up and not miss any of the important lessons in this blog.  However, I post lots of helpful links, articles and videos daily on the Turning Around Dyslexia Facebook Page, so click the link, “like” my page and keep informed.  If you would like to contact me for helpful tips, multi-sensory lesson help, or product requests, you can contact or follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Thank you, again, for visiting my page.  if you are new here or in a hurry, be sure to subscribe to my blog (which only requires your email) so you won’t miss my weekly posts.  If you have some time to take a look around my blog, use the links below to visit some of my most popular posts.

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