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So, here we are ~ the last week of October already!  A couple of weeks ago I thought the month would never end and now, I can’t believe it is almost over ~ have you ever felt that way?

This month has afforded some wonderful opportunities and experiences.  One particular opportunity was more of an unexpected blessing.  At a conference I attended a couple of weeks ago, one of the break-out sessions was a “Shoe-Cutting Party” (more about this on Thursday) for the organization, Sole Hope.

When I walked into the session, I was handed scissors, a pair of jeans and several cut-out patterns. Just between you and me ~ I was not in the mood for a craft project.  However; as soon as I saw this video ~

my heart did a 180…

(read more about jiggers)

How easy would it be to help Sole Hope with their vision?! This was my exact thought a couple of weeks ago sitting in that room with my scissors, jeans & cut-out patterns watching the same video above ~ right then, I knew I had to do something…

Meet Adam, Lead Social Worker & Human Resources for Sole Hope:


“I see Sole Hope better improving the education system: children can now go to school, not be distracted by paining jiggers, and get an overall better education to help their future.”


This week I’m throwing a 20% off sale at my TpT Store and all proceeds from the sale Monday – Thursday will be donated to Sole Hope to help provide shoes, education, jobs & medical relief to children and their families in Africa.

Your purchase this week from my store will be two-fold ~ You will be able to provide help to struggling spellers & readers and at the same time you will be helping Sole Hope provide shoes for children in Africa.

My goal is to be able to raise at least $100 to donate to Sole Hope.  Will you help make this happen?  Can you share this post with at least 2-3 friends who would be interested in knowing about & helping Sole Hope’s vision?

I will announce the total that will be donated to Sole Hope on Friday after the sale ends midnight Thursday.

You can check out the products on sale at my TpT Store this week, by clicking on the “Education Resources” tab.

Click the image below for other ways to get involved with Sole Hope ~ DONATE_ICON~sherri

I’m participating in  a 31 day writing challenge. Read more about it and find other blogs that are writing about topics that interest you here.


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  2. Thank you for opening my eyes to something I never knew existed – jiggers. What an example of “doing it unto the least of these”.

    1. I’m sure, b/c you are a nurse, you see the great need for these children to have shoes to wear 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to read my blog, mom! I love you! ~sherri

  3. Tweeted! Thank you for telling us more about this organization. What a fabulous project.

    1. Thank you so much Anita! I appreciate you helping to share about Sole Hope. There are such easy, inexpensive ways to help organizations like this that are doing so much good. Appreciate you stopping by!

  4. Thank you for bringing such an incredible charity to light today and what a great way to get involved on a deeper level! 🙂

    1. You are welcome, Sarah! Sole Hope is truly doing an incredible service over in Uganda. thank you for stopping by today.

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