October is Dyslexia Awareness Month

31 Days ButtonDuring the month of October, I will be writing each day sharing information about Dyslexia.  I would be honored if you would join me for 31 Days to help spread awareness about a Learning Difference that affects 1 in 5 children.  Dyslexia is not a indicator of intelligence; however, dyslexic children often feel ‘stupid’ and inadequate around their peers because they struggle with reading independence and spelling.  Dyslexia Awareness can lead to ensuring proper testing, identification and intervention for students suspected of having dyslexia.  My goal this month is to empower parents, children, teens, and adults who are living with & experiencing the struggles of dyslexia.  There many Dyslexia Awareness Campaigns on Facebook, Twitter…just google “dyslexia awareness month”.

Here are links to a few of the campaigns:

Dyslexia Awareness Challenge

2nd Annual Dyslexia Day -Worldwide

Light it up Red for 1in 5

Join in…