“I Wonder What is it Like to be Dyslexic?” ~Sam Barclay

Today I’m very proud to feature a design project by Sam Barclay.  Here is a little bit about more about Sam:

Sam Barclay is from Southsea, United Kingdom . He graduated from the University of Portsmouth, with a degree in Graphic design.

Sam has many accolades to his name, such as:

  • His final year at Portsmouth was being elected to enter into the ISTD competition (International Society of Typographic Design) where he received a commendation, the highest grade given.
  • He was also later shortlisted for the Future Pioneer award at the New designers exhibition in Islington, London by the Design Council.

He enjoys every area of design with print being a real passion. Manipulating language through the use of typography has always appealing to Sam.  He enjoys the challenges of generating an outcome that questions the users experience in the most exciting way. Sam always strives to make any piece of work in this way.

Interesting fact about Sam is that before studying Graphic Design he spent six years as a plumber. It was during these years he took the time to discover what he really wanted to do. Sam always knew he wanted to join the ever growing design world but is not sure about how he came around to it.

One of the most important things to know about Sam is that he is dyslexic.  His desire to spread awareness about dyslexia is accomplished through his design projects.  You can view his latest book design project  
Sam explains that he aims to provide the reader with a beautiful design led experience of what it feels like to struggle with reading.

Click HERE to view his other design projects .

Please consider visiting Sam’s Websites, or contact him on Twitter to express your appreciation of his work.  Thank you!!




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  1. Hi, Hopefully, you’ve found that Sam has produced another book. It’s been on KickStarter for a couple of days, and has received over 50% funding already.

    The new book is well worth a look, and is of the same high standard.

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